Rouge Hamsters 2

Channel Info: Get a free month of audible on me: Company Site: Podcasts: Hackthought Gaming podcast: ANGRY ASMR is a place for unrelaxed people to relax. This is about my documentary that used to be on amazon.

Level 1: What is RPG?

Our show is going to teach you in our first many episodes how to enjoy Starcraft as an eSport. The key is we are going to cover every basic idea. If you have never played a video game or haven't in the last 30 years or just never took an…

Parts of Pets

Here's a disgusting pet issue that I think is adorable- spare parts from your pets. So for you mammal people this probably does not connect but you'll be fascinated by it. Reptile and invertebrate pets shed quite a bit. Unlike dogs theh shed stuff like... their arms or their back.…
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