Telephone Dieting from Big Weasel Lil Weasel on Vimeo. Food fads change, humans do not. Rumors, urban myth, and word of mouth has dictated the state of how we view nutrition for thousands of years. This documentary shows the growing philosophical movement by chefs, dietitians, and food journalists from figuring out “what is healthy?” to asking “why are people telling […]

Right to Publish: Cults, Abuse, & Self- Hypnosis

Goal: Setting out to prove that fringe/angry/seemingly backwards minded internet groups are in fact cults.     About: Mike Fallek, Rins, and Paulina Pinsky are the team behind ‘Right to Publish.’ No progress has been made on stopping the tide of angry groups on the internet, we believe this is because of an en masse ignorance to these groups which […]

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Our festival has had an online for years and works to give opportunities to filmmakers not attending in person events. This year we are working to get your film, podcast, or youtube channel to thousands of eyes. Our film festival is something completely different. If you are frustrated with film festivals. IF YOU feel as though you spend EMBARRASSING amounts […]

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Mike Fallek Reel 2020 from Big Weasel Lil Weasel on Vimeo. Animation, Video Production, Podcasting, Documentary, Editing, Writing, + more   13+ years in the world of art, comedy, and entertainment, starting in stand-up at the age of 16. I transitioned these interests into a degree from NYU Film School Tisch-Kanbar School of Film and Television with a specialization in […]

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Mike Fallek Reel 2020 from Big Weasel Lil Weasel on Vimeo.   In the world of audio. We provide Voice over Services at high enough quality to submit to Audible services ( which we have produced audio books for), audio editing for all Adobe programs, Podcast Editing, and publishing.   In the realm of Video we edit on all Adobe […]