Parts of Pets

Here's a disgusting pet issue that I think is adorable- spare parts from your pets. So for you mammal people this probably does not connect but you'll be fascinated by it. Reptile and invertebrate pets shed quite a bit. Unlike dogs theh shed stuff like... their arms or their back.…

Phone Camera

I have a telscoping lens for my camera but I want a better one. If anyone knows any good ones and a program that will let me use it (i.e. shutting off auto focus affectively) DROP US A LINE. Signed, Mike Fallek Big Weasel Lil Weasel

Dog Person

In my documentary SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE the idea of finding dogs tedious was a big point made by Tarantulas fans. Not that one pet is better than another but I do like to point out to "dog people" ( ugh huge eye roll at that word. I mean…
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