Hashtag Cult as a project is based on the creation of a forthcoming doucmentary (and on sentences where we get to type the word “forthcoming”). We release 3 types of media: RAW un edited interviews with subjects, Animated/full produced shorts about our topic, and a podcast analyzing the first 2.

Cult’s Can be anywhere is a Cartoon we worked on based on talking to experts in the field of medicine, mental health, psychology, cults, and even former and current members. Enjoy! Thanks to all our experts we hope you enjoy.

Cults Can be Anywhere from Big Weasel Lil Weasel on Vimeo.




Goal: Setting out to prove that fringe/angry/seemingly backwards minded internet groups are in fact cults.



About: Mike Fallek, Rins, and Paulina Pinsky are the team behind ‘Right to Publish.’ No progress has been made on stopping the tide of angry groups on the internet, we believe this is because of an en masse ignorance to these groups which we call “Secular Cults” being primarily made up of mentally ill, brainwashed or other wise in pain lashing out suffering minds. These groups include but are not limited to: MGTOW, Incel, and flat earth. We have evidence from testimony of group members and former members that these groups are outlets for scape-goating emotional problems and that the negative response on the internet only further entrenches them into their isolated group-think/cult.





Modern cults in America came out of Hippies who used the concept of love in Christianity to highlight a peaceful approach to political/societal issues. From this the co-opting of christianity/religion by egomaniacs branched off and became cults. So cults= appropriating existing ideologies to encourage sustained self-hypnosis. We believe these groups (MGTOW) are therefore cults, using existing secular ideas rather than religious. In this case we believe they are unconsciously co-opting feminism.



This is a matter of personality problems: feeling self-conscious about, self-hating, or feeling a lack of personality and filling that void with this cyclical logic which fits that hole.



The distance these people would need to step outside of their cult to find opposite ideologies that don’t confirm their own would be so large that they will almost always find confirmation (ie: many men who are not in these cults still have negative attitudes or stories about women, the mgtow will latch onto these which confirm their already held beliefs)



In our findings, many of these individuals are admittedly mentally ill. All seem to feel like victims/want to feel like victims, and in another light some might even say they have “Societal Munchausen’s” (we’re playing around with this term). The danger of inviting them to the table, so to speak, is the misconception that someone in a cult (also, someone brainwashed, someone mentally ill) cannot present stunning logic. These people are usually and likely more logical than the average sexist or misogynist because they spend countless hours logicking out why their beliefs are correct, as opposed to the average person who may hold sexist beliefs without really knowing why or spending time thinking or educating themselves about it.



MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF THEIR OWN MENTAL HEALTH BLOCKS: All brainwashing is the same. For example, as an abuse victim, I (Rins) relate to documentary subjects who talk about leaving a cult. We have noticed that people tend to logic out their behavior so they don’t have to admit to doing things for emotional reasons (We made a doc called Telephone Dieting where we see that most people make diet decisions due to emotional reasons, but when asked give many other “logical” explanations istead)



YOU CAN’T DEBATE A CULT MEMBER: We have a soft spot for mental illness and people dealing with mental health issues, and think that pain in general is rarely faked, although often concealed. The type of pain may be faked in order to mask the true source, but it is still there and is a cry for help. The kid with the fake stomach ache is still hurting, just in a different way than he’s admitting. Inviting them to a debate would be unhelpful to any experts doing good work in the world of women’s rights because these are people not on the bell curve, but on the margins, and would actually take away from the real issue. These people are in pain and more appropriate for a discussion with experts about why these behaviors manifest (lashing out on the internet, etc,) Putting a person on the defensive only pushes them further in their direction



Our approach will be to have a grand unified theory about these being cults and why we think labeling them this way can actually be a step in the right direction of helping people. Because there has been no progress in “healing” mgtows and other secular cults or a unified approach on how to do that, we want to basically test if using this theory would be a way to do that. So all of the experts we speak with, we will present our theory and see how it gets refined, refuted, etc. being completely open to the fact that an expert on cults, for example, may say we’re completely wrong. Even if we’re wrong it will be interesting and important to show mgtows/brainwashed minds how a theory can be refuted and changed by gaining outside education and expertise.



PROJECT APPROACH: We will be only grabbing evidence from first hand accounts: Interviews with abuse experts, abuse victims, and cult members and cult experts.

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If you are a survivor or a cult or abuse or a MGTOW looking to talk to a kind ear either publicly or anonymously, please contact us.

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