Dog Person

In my documentary SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE the idea of finding dogs tedious was a big point made by Tarantulas fans.

Not that one pet is better than another but I do like to point out to “dog people” ( ugh huge eye roll at that word. I mean what does it even mean? Like actually . Let me take a second here. Under what circumstances does that preference matter– scratch that. Under what circumstance is thst preference so strong that you define yourself as that. Unless you haul thing through the snow and pull things on a sled using animal but those animals need to hate taking baths but sometimes like swimming pools? In that specific instance I guess that person would be a dog person). Any way I like to point out to “dog people” that walking a dog is an absolutely ridiculous idea.

Rats, bunnies, cats, ferrets can all be litter box trained, and I’ll even add one more to that list- dogs.

Dogs can absolutely be litter trained. It is my opinion that I think some dog trainers do not know that is possible to litter train a dog ( they can sniff out drugs people they are smart enough to poop in a place) and I think some people don’t want the convenience because of social pressure.

I genuinely get the impression that part of having a dog friend is being conventional. That havig an aspect of their pet that is tat all different from the norm, EVEN IF IT IS EASIER, is stressful to them.

Do you have a dog? A potty trained dog? DROP US A LINE.

Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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