Driving With Animals

Ugh driving with animals am I right? If you don’t know the frustration then you’ve never had to do it, if you’vd done it once then you already know the frustration.

My issue with moving animals started with my red eared sliders. Althouhh incredible hardy, I was so worried about the 4 hour trip from Boston.

I had taken a page out of a local breeders book and decided that restraint was the most important thing. For those that don’t know, Red Eared Sliders are amazingly strong. The advice i was given when I got my two terrapins was “Imagine you’ve just bought two super heroes with a 4 year olds intelligence. Assume theh can, will and want to break anything and have no idea if that will hurt them.”

So I actually did one animal at a time. So one reptile on a trip ( in the summer when I first moved we even took little breaks to get sun and baths in a bucket at rest stops ( I don’t want to talk about moving them in the winter- it was traumatic for both me and the animal).

But the fact is a reptile is kind of smart when it comes to survival. They at the very least, from my experience as a handler, understand stability. From what I’ve dealt with my turtles have understood for their safety and health that moving was futile and bad.

Mammals have not been the case. Ugh I’ve talked at length about my ferret Steak and his initial trip home in my shirt when Ibought him because it took him Uuuuuum maybe 60 seconds to get out of the carrier I got him in.

Since then Steak is buckled into a sophistated carrier system in the car and cannot get out. But as you pet guardians know, that isn’t the end of it.

Protests are a big issue. Scratching and getting comfy is a big deal to travelling animals even when restrained.

When I made SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE I was quite impressed at travel systems for arachnids BUT please take this time to look up your own states requirements for driving with pets. Don’t break the law and keep your driving companions safe.

Mike Fallek

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