Emailing is Easy

Every once and a while I find an issue on manners that I think is going unexplored. Today my attention has come to emails.

In making my last Documentary SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE I did a lot of ground work. Emails, approaching tons of people. (I’ll get into how the movie Blackfish has made many stupid people fear investigative journalism in another post at some time- seriously that movie came ul with half the people I talked to).

But I want to impress something upon people -and I know this seems really simple – WHEN I WRITE AN EMAIL THERE IS EVIDENCE OF WHAT I SAID. Strange concept right ( eye roll)? But you would be shocked at how often I right something and someone replies just in a totally non related way.

Now I as a person who prides himself on communication and improvement find this maddening. Because I will put the blame on me and send the correspondence to a 3rd party and see if I made some spelling or gramatical error. Once the third party reads these emails I almost always get the same response “No, you wrote everything correctly. This person clearly didn’t read this email.”

Oh by the way that almost never occurs to people, that I can send, print and save emails or communication- there is a reason people choose to control who communicates for a cause because when you communicate in ANY form other than phone or person to person contact THERE IS A RECORD OF YOUR STUPIDITY.

I actually cut and will release later from SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE the documentary a whole segment about strange and offensive correspondence with people and organizations.

I recommend this following to everyone: READ THE WHOLE THING, OR DO NOT RESPOND.

Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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