Our festival has had an online for years and works to give opportunities to filmmakers not attending in person events. This year we are working to get your film, podcast, or youtube channel to thousands of eyes.

Our film festival is something completely different. If you are frustrated with film festivals. IF YOU feel as though you spend EMBARRASSING amounts of money and time sharing your content, IF YOU feel as though you put so much work into crappy festivals and get nothing out of it other than other filmmakers in the same boat and an hour of terrible films, IF YOU have been accepted to many film festivals and never gotten a single introduction to distributor THEN KEEP READING BECAUSE OUR FESTIVAL IS FOR YOU.

This season we are working with ASMRKitten found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/asmrkitten/featured

The winners will have their trailers reviewed by ASMRKitten in a relaxing video on her youtube channel to the eyes of 25k Plus Subscribers

The hardest thing to come by in the world of film is getting eyes on your film. Aside from digital marketing being a pain, even film festivals fail to invite influential viewers or even fill screenings.NO MORE! The winners will be featured on a channel with rare and genuine interaction. A great opportunity for a film project, podcast, or even youtube page of any level.

More about ASMRKitten here:
I’m Caitlin, but you can call me Cat. I created my channel to help you relax, and sleep! I’m a huge fan and believer in the benefits of ASMR videos. Now, you may be wonder what is ASMR? Well, let me explain. Have you ever gotten your hair played with and felt very relaxed, and felt chills up and down your spine? Many of us have, and that sensation is ASMR. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, basically a fancy acronym for the bodies neurological response to something pleasing to the ears. These videos are an experience for you, a break from the day. All I hope to do is to relax you, aide you into sleep, and ultimately impact your life.

Partner Podcast:


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