So I hate people who ty to figure out funny.

I started stand up at 16 and was getting paid at 19 it was ironically at my third paid gig was when I decided I hated stand up. I killed at crowd work. I had always done my set and I did strong crowd work and killed even harder.

The fact was I loved interacting with people. When I was locked in a room doing animation and editing the idea of standing on a stage and telling people to be quite and let me play with timing upset me. Especially since I had the skills to use a format (film) that had no audience interaction, I decided all the standup bots were going into film.

However I don’t think funny can be pinned down. And hence why I can use conventional comedy to teach in my documentaries, but I love podcasts. Podcasts are what will grow humor for the next 20 years in my estimation.

Podcasts are free wheeling an expected to be a new format.

Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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