Ignorance can be Fun

Ignorance has gotten a bad rep (rap? wrap?…) …

The word ignorance has gotten a bad chicken ceaser salad wrap with no tomatoes as of late.

I love admitting when I am ignorant of something, because it breeds learning.

When it comes to the movies I make ( especially the Pet Saga: HAMSTERS: THE HISTORY, GOLDFISH BOWL: DEATH BY GLASS, SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE) the issue of my ignorance and other peoples ignorance always comes up.

Most enjoyable for me is I get the privelage of walking into an interview and proclaim loudly “Hi my name’s Mike and I’m a big dumby. Tell me everything.” To those who like to learn this is like seeing your favorite movie for the first time.

I actually want to spend some time talking about how much fun this os because I really want to encourage people to admit ignorance without fear. I mean imagine the honor of saying to the best experts in the America “Hey I am unmodelled clay. My mind has no predjudices. Tell me how I can learn everything you know.” It is the greatest joy in making documentaries, to be stupider than one’s subjects.

And let me say this to those who are afraid to admit they know nothing: NEVER ONCE has someone who knows more than me, made fun of me when I admitted I didn’t understand what they were saying or that I was totally unlearn’d. Experts ALWAYs take the time to explain, and (in my opinion) were less frustrated and repected me for not pretending I knew what they were saying.

The other element of ignorance that my subject always bring up is what I dub “The Pandora Box Ignorance.”

PANDORA’S BOX IGNORANCE- noun. a type of opinion born out of a person refusig to research or ask about a topic because they fear embarrassment from having walked around only pretending to understand a subject.

That seems like a strong place to stop.

Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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