What is investigative journalism? I am clearly not qualified to even start speculating. What I consider my work to be in fact finding. Taking histories long forgotten (honestly not long forgotten- what I find most concerning about my work is that often it is the era between 1900 and 1950 that I find forgotten and left unrecorded) and turn that into a story that reflects modern day.

But what I do know about is what the public think investigative journalism is. Most people think it is Chinatown, or Blackfish, or Citizen Kane; that the goal of an investigation is to dig up dirt.

I am constantly up agains those who feel
like theh will be attacked vs those who have something to hide. For me when I talk to an honest person working in a subject I care about I am constantly saying “My hope is that your story is boring secretwise.” For me, I hope that these industries aren’t hiding stuff because that would mean the public is dealing sith the facts as they are and we can make progress.

If you have something to hide, fear journalist BUT I’d add: Fear customers, fear eveyone. At some point someone will find out a horrible secret. Bad people want to break your privacy, but honest people will see shitty secrets easily.



Mike Fallek

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