I talk at long lengths in RESUME PLAY about my love of martial arts.

There is a huge guilt in my mind in making a character I animated do something I cannot.

I am huge believer in makig physics believe real in amination because of that.

Let’s rewind a little because I may be too ahead of my philosophy and my head too far up my ass to explain my pretension.

So what is martial arts? Ugh no that’s also to snoody and philosophical…Ok so have you ever fixed a car? NO wait what am I like explaining art to someone who has never seen it. Mechanic talkmis talking down to everyone.

Here’s how I’ll put it. When you eat a food you know how to cook, you appreciate it more. If you’ve spent time feeling innaddequate about your technique and flavor, you know the struggle and perfection in a well made or even revolutionary version of the dish.

This was how I felt about motion. I felt motion could be experience and struggled through. The obly efficient way to experience motion (which is what animation expresses) was to learn martial arts.

It becomes difficult to parse what my journey is at times. Martial arts= better animation BUT does lackmof martial arts perfection not equal worse aniamation.

I often have to remind myself that the study of martial arts is a side quest or a leveling up for my animation.

I sigh at not being able to kick 14 hours a day because that isn’t my goal.



Mike Fallek

Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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