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I think I am fairly open to my critiques. Which is very nice because the natural reaction from artist is to make an army of puddy men and oracai to kill all critical of their work.

One criticism I wilm address is the point that I take no side on the pet debate. Those who want change say “Mike Fallek not radical enough. Persuade people to do something.” Those who think I am adjacent to documentarian radical but take no position want me to move to their side “Mike Fallek takes no position against those who give a hard time to the pet industry. Why won’t he tell radicals to shut up?”

Well I will never change my policy on this. All interactions with any animal is colored with bias and love or lack there of.

This applies to all animals. You may love your family, but you’ll never see a film about encouraging the family model. Obviously my pets are the best things in the world and their faces need kisses, but I even realise there are those of you who will cringe at they phrase “my pet.”

Before we figure out how to fix pet issues-WHICH I DO NOT DENY, there are lots of problems facing pets- we need the facts. I refuse to bow to conventional marketing where I make you watch my movie because you love the animal I’m talking about. Objective facts will always be the key to progress.

One thing you may notice in my films, is I don’t like filming animals. I actually think it hurts any facts about pets. Take HAMSTERS: THE HISTORY: I was very emotionalky attached to a hamster at the time ( since passed away) but what each shot in that movie does it talk about a fact in history. To show my hamster, would teach you nothing.

History is often forgotten with pets, butnit is my passion is “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it,” and here’s me throwing a bone to the anti-pet people, animals have been abused for thousands of years so maybe we should repeat their history. HOWEVER, here’s your bone pet industry, your pet you love and current opinions have NOTHING to do with history.

We need to be objective. No matter how cute faces are. Also, you might not wana ask me about saving things cus I love their face- a victim of a severe allergies I had both a pet liquid gel pill and a pet soft piece of tissue paper as a kid.

I find a lot cute.

Mike Fallek

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