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Here’s a disgusting pet issue that I think is adorable- spare parts from your pets.

So for you mammal people this probably does not connect but you’ll be fascinated by it.

Reptile and invertebrate pets shed quite a bit. Unlike dogs theh shed stuff like… their arms or their back.

What’s funny is that dogs are in essence doing the same thing when they shed- they are ditching hair which, material wise, is similiar to what fingernail, scales, and exoskelotons are made of. The fluffyness of hair reminds us of hair texture can really make a difference to have a material feels.

I have been in favor of doing something with dog hair for a long time but that insane idea aside- us with shelled and scaly pals run into this shedding with a sort of museum curiousity.

Afterall- I have seen snake skins in natural history museums. But I also know people who have had a snake for 10 years- so other than making a super cool slightly bad smelling dungeon of all of these skins- what are we to do. I mean we all also find our pets cute and so these beautiul things that fall off them and are intact become little memories.

I started to think about this in making my documentary SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE because the molting process for tarantulas does leave a perfect copy of the spiders old body most of the time. I did indeed run across some people saving as many of these molts as possible- a cool site truly.

I will even admit- with my red eared slider terrapins I save the bits of shell layer that came off when they had big growth spurts.

Do you keep animal parts? hahah but really let us know.

Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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