Pet Food

I am usure as to why this trend started but I find it super weird. Pet cookies in pet stores are really strange. These cookies meant to look like human food to feed your pets. It seems like dog and cat guardians are more prone to believe that the animals they care for are small people. Like they don’t eat the same things as you, so who is the marketing for. Certainly not the logical pet caregiver. It was pointed out to me by other pet people that DOG AND cat food will occasionally have pictures of human dishes with the proteins involved on the packaging- COMPLETE WITH SPICES AND GARNISHES?!? So strange.

I think pets in general need a philosophical overhaul- I dont think this is necesarily a thought to feel guilty about (pet cookies that is) but I do think it is an indication of signs that our minds are broken when it comes to realizing pets are different species.

Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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