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Let’s slightly break into moments than make Mike Fallek slam his head against the wall. One such moment, was this last year 2017 of people selling black and white versions of films shot and color corrected in color…BLAM dry wall
in my hair…worse than that were people I thought were smart saying they were going to buy these black and white copies…BLAM BLAM oh what lovely insulation you have in these wall Mrs. Garrett.

Ok let’s start here: It’s not balsy to NOT release a movie in black an white and then later release it. That’s the artsy fartsy equivalent of saying “yea I almost rejected my oscar” (mega eye roll kai o ken times ten eye roll).

Ok so your tv can make a movie black and white. Additionally, there is something to be said for a director who says I want to work with a black and white pallete. A limited color scheme show skill and boldness. DOING BOTH SHOWS NOTHING.

As a response to this nonsense we are rolling out INVERTED versions of our movies becaue your tv and teh most likely cannot do inverted. Prove you’ve seen SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE and we’ll give you free temporary download of an inverted copy of the film.

Mike Fallek

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