ReplyWeek is one of my more brilliant initiatives (in my opinion- well im also really brilliant in my opinion (self eye roll)). I think many people have lost touch with how to talk online. Evidence- 90% of the internet.

Here’s an example because I do believe in evidence: I posted a picture of my turtle tank once. The photo was extremely blown put with colors. I love taking aquarium pictures and running them through instagram over and over. The colors of the special heat lamps and the animals themselves become so other wordly vibrant. I labelled the picture saying- I love using weird filters for pics like this. Reddit being a horrible place and most people not admitting when they don’t understand a sentence, someone (thinking this meant filters for the tank rather than obvious photo filters) wrote: this is animal abuse ( MEGA EYE ROLL!).

So reply week is all about beig pleasant. Go talk to someone you don’t hate who isn’t horrible and say a nice thing about there post. DON’T JUST LIKE IT OR WHATEVER.

Talk to people. Be nice. Not morbid and political. Just say one nice thing. Or as many as you can.


Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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