Speakers in Rear

Do you ever listen to music behind you? How about facing away from the stage when you see a concert?

If you own a car then you are experiencing this with your speakers. I hate the speaker set up in cars as they come out of the factory. Here’s the problem- cars used to have crappy speakers only in the front. In response to that, the at one time very popular and expensive world of after market car stereos would put small speakers of decent quality in the front and then out high quality subwoofers in the back.

Subwoofer are designed tou ONLY get the lowest and subsonic elements in the bass level of music. So this meant a small great stereo speaker had to be split into two elements. However when the car markets tried to respond to this after market idea the tech had already progressed. So instead of needing a subwoofer to get those bass tones they simply put giant speakers in the back of the cars.

An awful idea- I honestly hate being in the back of a music lovers car because I just have to suffer an incredibly loud version of their music- of course they still want to turn it up because the are used to physically feeling so much of those subsonic noises. And of course stupidly, these massive speakers cannot be mixed indivually or separately that the front speakers. So should someone not want vocals coming from behind them, normally a good speaker can be adjusted to inly be a subwoofer. Instead all that cars include are an ability to mix the song- shich is assanine considering how much mixing goes into songs in the first place.

How do you feel about speakers? Let us know.

Mike Fallek

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