Phone Camera

I have a telscoping lens for my camera but I want a better one. If anyone knows any good ones and a program that will let me use it (i.e. shutting off auto focus affectively) DROP US A LINE. Signed, Mike Fallek Big Weasel Lil Weasel

Dog Person

In my documentary SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE the idea of finding dogs tedious was a big point made by Tarantulas fans. Not that one pet is better than another but I do like to point out to "dog people" ( ugh huge eye roll at that word. I mean…

Pet Food

I am usure as to why this trend started but I find it super weird. Pet cookies in pet stores are really strange. These cookies meant to look like human food to feed your pets. It seems like dog and cat guardians are more prone to believe that the animals…
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