Pet issues are an interesting field. I have talked about the need to be objective when dealing with an issue people are under educated in ( go back to read the article but the long and short of it is, when cannot play on peoples emotions on an issue until they are educated because they will inevitably feel manipulated by both sides).

My question for all those in Pet documentaries is this: What will the watershed moment be for pets?

When we look at other rights movements we can point to important objectives: suffrage, civil rights enforcement, work place rights; choose a cause and many of their leaders can definitively point to a goal for the future and all can point to a victory in the past.

I am in no way saying that animal right has not made progress over the years (though to many even that point is debated), what I am saying is what will be the moment we need to look towards.

What can we all agree on? Publicly, I am not even a moderate- I take the position of journalist and historian, wanting to record the opinions and actions if the past. HOWEVER, I believe all journalists have the right to point out what is bizarre ad what they don’t understand.

I have spoken out time and again about a point I do not understand at all. The ease of buying pets in America. Again this is not an opinion but noting the inconsistencies in policy and public opinion. I am not saying what we should or should not do. It would seem as though most devices that can harm lives require at screening process, license course, or education (a waiver at the least), this is not the case with pets.

I have a problem holding back a physical reaction to the shock of hearing how easy buying or breeding a pet is. In SPIDERS WILL EAT YOUR FACE it was heard through laughter and gasps at the idea of anyone being allowed to breed Tarantulas and not register them.

Perhaps this is the issue to focus on. Because many issues- which I am not taking sides on are far too devisive for America at large- stop farming animals, cage conditions, stopping eating animals, stop pet sale. These will take a large shift in popular opinion and, sad as it may seem this always a factor with animals, a ton of money to solve.

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