Your Bad Social Media

Social media for companies is generally broken. I am on record that 90% of business don’t need more that a single post on twitter or facebook- a link tk your business.

But for artists and media creators there is an expectation to be the entertainment on these social media sites.


1. Not giving a crap. Yo, if you are gonna post on anything and you are trying to convince people this is your “passion blah blah expression blah blah soul what ever” CARE A LITTLE BIT. These apathetic posts with a crapky link that doesn’t work? No. Also give me something. Use this chance to say something about your experience in making stuff. Be interesting.
2. Praise good people. The internet seems to be focused on winning arguments. I mean cool, you’re gonna lose but you should be spending 20 time the energy to help your colleagues, and peers on the internet than ripping people down. So if you spend a half an hour telling some racist they are racist SPEND A WHOLE WEEK TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT SOME GREAT ART BY A NOT RACIST PEER.
3. Talk to people. RESPOND YOU DUMBIES! It is called SOCIAL MEDIA. Are you replying to comments on your work thoughtfully? Are you tring to start pleasant conversations with things you like? Do you say something about projects peers do? If you answered no to any of these, you are messing up.
4. JOIN IN ON #ReplyWeek. Replyweek is an initiative by Big Weasel Lil Weasel to focus on conversation on social media. On a week we declare #replyweek we will be dedicating ourselves to not only talking to others nicely but bringing other people into it. You need not join in on our ReplyWeek but it is a great initiative to do in your own creative projects.
5. Stop taking other content. Retweet your peers and colleagues but if there is an article or work you like, take the time to write a commentary your own.

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Mike Fallek
Big Weasel Lil Weasel

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